Monday, August 22, 2011

Compassion is Socialism

A commission to implore each of us
 to see that having global reach
is the right thing to do;
"whatsoever you do for the least of them
you do for me."
A heart which insists
on giving equally to all beings,
with an insistance that reaches
beyond family.
Humans are guarenteed to be enriched
by insuring the comfort of others.
A world or nation asked to be compelled
to lend  their time, talent, and resources
falls on deaf politics.
Not one resting in the fact
that you reap the society you sow.

What's wrong with money spread equally
for food, shelter, medicine?
They speak of decreased quality
without evidence.
Willing hearts
a self promise to remain mindful of others
is what it would take.
A gentle, caring, thoughtful world
is impossible with selfish
and judgemental lines like:
" Let them earn their own money;
They're all lazy;
I want a better car
and bigger house
and better things than my neighbor." 

One human emotion kindled
would heal the whole world.

 The philosophy
of human kindness 
is called socialism
and would be bad
for the greedy country.

How can humans watch, listen and feel
the suffering and not want everyone to eat
and be able to go to the doctor
and have shelter?
Why do humans want to live in a country
where giving to
charities is the standard
and having a nation with a charitible nature
is not desirable?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prayer for World Without Art

People! I beg you,
open your eyes.
Realize, wake up,
accept that
a completed work
 an idea
is reliant on togetherness;
recognizing the necessity of
our interdependence.
Ideological beliefs
break frames- they are
unaccepting notions which
scatter and strangle
all possibilities of beauty,
 spirituality and peace.
Never a compromise
means no halfway
no connection
no balance
not a grain of selflessness
nor an indication of bending.
Only a firm and rigid intolerance,
for color or culture; nor
each person's poverty or illness.
Varying hues, some vibrantly different
thoughts which loosely
stitch the world
into disconnected sounds, segments
that make nothing on their own;
pieces that shout what needs to be done.
Yet, nothing sewn into a complete
work of Art.
A publicized, 24 hour media
fists and fires on the streets-
pictures  and people that
ask and tell---
yet nothing to show,
nothing to show!
We don't need to imagine
the Artless World,
a world without art,
where all things are said
and nothing is done.
Please undo what is;
quilt us together
as one composition,
full of problems and differences
yet unselfishly residing,
under the flattering, natural
 lights of the sun and the moon.
Illuminate our textures as
part of the whole.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Energy of the Muse

My gut holds another person's suffering.
Heavy and quivering, it seeks
what is never available--answers.
Empathy is proof of  interdependence.
My mind prays for healing,
for a whole world of concerns.
 Love and angst are begging twins.
They demand reconciliation.
A great spirit sits by me, settling me down
brings me to my natural life force, breath.

I bring total focus to my
in and out breaths.
Gathering  paint
my mind grabs
 blue and yellow;
calm and hopeful;
or sad and sick?
Here, right now
in this very moment.
I practice again.
 Mindfulness meditation
and  the muse's gentle brushstroke
sends the balance of right energy
inward and outward.

I hold a brushe
then move to express
what is impossible
to translate with words.
Some private thing appears.
The mood changes.
This expression is a healer.
 The muse drifts in and out
to show that actions
are not seers nor ghosts
they are perfect guides
 in the very present moment.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crusty Bread or Dessert, that is the question...

I'd much rather:

 have a good loaf of crusty bread than dessert any day of the week.

 have art supplies than movie tickets.

be in the woods of New England than sitting by the Ocean.

be quietly rich than famous or celebrity rich

live close to all of my family and friends than farther than driving distance away

have a cold, or be cold than be itchy

have a cabin in the mountains than an apartment in the city (unless I could afford NYC).

practice mindfulness than never care to be mindful

end this rambling than go on.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sitting down with Anger

Today I sat with Anger and his sidekick frustration; I invited them in as Thich Naht Hanh suggests.  I understand the surfacing of Anger is necessary and under my control. I can keep him on my mind or cast him aside. Instead, I can invite his mother, Peace, or his sister, Gratitude, to sit with me. Angers company is my choice. He is real and doesn't die, so he needs to be heard. He can be put to the side, and although not forgotten, I can give him rest. Anger is not stronger than I am. I will not be consumed by him for a day, a month, a year or a lifetime but every so often even anger needs my attention.  I believe Anger should be allowed a few minutes; or mindful consideration for an hour. When I interview Anger I find his nastiness retreats once rational thought enters my inner dialogue. He doesn't mind retreating but he has to be heard, understood and accepted first. Anger wants to answer questions and he also likes to be politely told he cannot stay; that he will be replaced by his peaceful, gracious reletives. Then Anger quietly slinks off --taking his anxious pal frustration along. The departure of Anger is quite unlike the simmering, beckoned entrance that is lured by discontent, which beg me to suffer about things unchangeable and unanswerable.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Right now and tomorrow

Call for peace and show
to your self and others.
Consciously squeeze the globe
and feed it the attention it needs
a considerate mantra or
a holy, spiritual thought.
Wipe tears with uplifting actions
let nothing  be lonely for your
Show each person,
especially those who aggravate,
tenderness and listen so you may
recognize yourself,
your suffering,
in every living thing.
Live with solid hope
knowing you can
love the world
enough to heal
its open wounds
 and repair its delusions.

Meditation Door-hanger

Meditation Door-hanger

Making handpainted, jewelry

Making handpainted, jewelry
resin pour over all.

State Forest, Pittsfield, MA

State Forest, Pittsfield, MA
Me, standing there, in my meditation image.

Tick tock

Tick tock
"Time flys, catches fire, and sinks." p. malafronte (2010)

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