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 Art, as a Mindful Lifelong Activity

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Maybe when you think about ART you’ve thought:

I can’t draw a line, or write a lick

I’ve seen stuff  that I can’t believe people call art

I have a favorite style and I really like that artist

I painted and wrote; but I haven’t for a long time time

I can’t afford the expense of art supplies or think you need a studio or an easel

Now be Mindful and consider ART this way:

I can create it anywhere

I will create it without any judgment

I don’t need a special space or expensive supplies

Most importantly: I’ll make art every day. It comes from my soul and honors my creative, playful self and I will heal as I discover what my deepest self is asking me to consider.



Discuss:  Mindful Journaling with doodles, pictures, or words

 show some journals and other artwork for inspiration

 Guided meditation- bring thoughts to emotion and to this place of creativity.

Distribution of materials: Everyone given Paper, choice of crayons, pencils, colored pencils, pens,                           ( For comfort--can work in pairs, interdependence)

One person draws the first line or puts down the first color and jointly they create a collaborative piece- single or paired they will feel lost in the creation process.

Before we begin to draw:  Guided Mindful Meditation:

Be here,  bring your thoughts to this place,  breathe in and out, let what you want to express flow out, no constraints, no restrictions, no expectations, just the paper and the instrument in hand,  draw what you see, write a mindful word, a positive thought… put anything on the paper ( pictures or words) when you are moved to do so. 

It can be some thought entering, jot the words, can be an aura, a color a mood, a thing; whatever is in you. Maybe you’re thinking of your favorite mug…just put it onto the paper whatever feels right to you.  Concentrate on the paper, the movement, the idea of what it is becoming…as you sustain and honor the creative, expressive place inside of you.

After drawings are complete— At the end , if we have an available water source we will “toe-paint”  on mural paper,  together we’ll create an interdependent circle symbol of our time together which is then signed by all attendants’ –having much needed --in the moment --silly and poignant mindful time together!

Goals -Sessions are designed to evoke confident personal expression as well as to create interdependent awareness.

Music, writing, gentle movement, sound practices and group sharing are woven through the workshop.

These creative experiences support opening and integration of the images that emerge in the drawing sessions.   Together we generate an atmosphere that enlivens and inspires.

Groups meet and will reflect upon the personal message of their individual work and their experience of Mindful Soul Creations. 

Be mindful of the sacredness of the creative process.

Mindful of your interdependence be inspired by each other’s wisdom and creativity.

Reflect on your images through mindful interpretation of what you created.

Open your voice through  practicing and discussing art.

Attune to subtle energies through awareness of music and movement.
Learn to trust
your intuition through creating something for a friend.

Envision Mindful Expression of Art into your daily life.

Celebrate  our time together in this time and space, may you be refreshed and renewed.

                                                       OTHER WORKSHOPS:
The creative healing circles are the crux of the Lotus-Heart workshops.  We will create an environment where we all feel safe and supported as we all engage in the process of spiritual and emotional self discovery exploring ourselves through art. You will learn to be more joyfully spontaneous and to effectively defend yourself using loving-kindness against harsh internal judgments.

Tapping into your creative source can lead to the healing and transformation of unconscious patterns that no longer serve you, bring greater self awareness and encourage the flowering of many aspects of your matchless creative essence. Most of all, as we create we are in the present moment; art is mindful meditation.




                    Priced by the hour or per person; flexibilbe to meet your groups needs.

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  1. Sign up for the Art and Soul Workshop; you will nourish yourself in a unique and satisfying way.



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